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Wizzy Wig Design helps you stay current with your website while cutting costs. We focus on bringing advanced functionality to web sites using cutting-edge technologies that already exist, rather than writing everything ourselves from scratch. This allows us to make use of the code that gets the job done without reinventing the wheel.

Our focus is creating gorgeous designs and intuitive interfaces, with a standards-compliant back end. We do the majority of our development on the WordPress platform, the fastest growing Content Management System. The site’s back end and plugins are open-source, which means you will retain full ownership of your site and save money on development. And they are updated regularly making sure that your site stay current with security updates.

We also offer some Ruby on Rails development, as well as custom-written web solutions using PHP.

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TribeNet.org TribeNet.org


Created for ReKnew, this site was created to help visitors find people and churches (which share a similar theology) near them. It uses a custom post type (for the churches) with custom fields (using ACF), which are populated by Gravity Forms, and geolocated by a geomashup plugin. It also has a membership feature (using Ultimate Member plus some addons) which allows users to friend, follow and message each other. Also has some added functionality like a "search alert" feature which allows users to be emailed when a new church is added near them, as well as a map-based user search feature in the member directory. Check it out at tribenet.org

Give Us Wings Give Us Wings

Give Us Wings

GiveUsWings.org is a nonprofit dedicated to Rebuilding Villages and Restoring Hope in Kenya and Uganda. They wanted a website that demonstrated their unique approach and showcased the positive achievements they have had, and also made it easy for people to participate. To that end, we modernized their logo, created a website running a custom theme with custom post type showing their success stories, and a WooCommerce store called Gifts of Joy, which lets people give money representing tangible goods on behalf of another -- such as a goat or school supplies. giveuswings.org

ReKnew.org ReKnew.org


A large blog for well-known theologian Greg Boyd, ReKnew.org features thousands of posts which are categorized using multiple custom taxonomies (category, topic and bible verse). The design was created with usability and distraction-free reading as the most important goal. It resulted in a crisp, clean site with minimal navigation and shortcuts back to the topic index just a click away.

From the client:
Say hello to the new and much-improved ReKnew website! Not only have we upgraded the look, feel, and functionality of our site (e.g. our new search engine frankly rocks!), we’ve added – and will continue to add – new content. For example, because I am frequently asked what books I’d recommend on various topics, I created a bibliography of over 2,000 recommended books on the topics I spend most of my reading time in, and I will be regularly adding to this list. I also rated each book in terms of its level of difficulty, and Barbara, our website designer (more below) even linked each book to Amazon to make it easy for you to purchase it if you want to! (Okay, fine, we also did this because with every book purchased from our website we get a small kickback from Amazon – so support us by buying my books and books I recommend through our site!) We want you to know that this is a work in progress, because more exciting things are on the horizon. For example, one of the greatest needs in the global kingdom movement that God is raising up today is for people who share our vision of a Jesus-looking God raising up a Jesus-looking kingdom to be able to find one another. So we are in the process of creating a global map where kingdom individuals, groups, churches and organizations can register themselves and begin communicating with each other. This is just one of the many additions to our site that you’ll be seeing in the coming months. So stay tuned! I and my ReKnew team would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you who are regular supporters of ReKnew. You are helping us inspire, resource and network the kingdom revolution. Thank you! And if any of you who share our excitement about this movement would like to partner with us by making an end-of-the-year contribution and/or by becoming a regular supporter, you can do so here. Finally, while it would require an overly-long blog to thank all the individuals who have worked so hard behind the scenes to help create this new website and who help keep this ministry running, I simply must give a shout-out to the effervescent and always-spunky Barbara Schendel, owner of Wizzy Wig Web Design. Barbara, your Encyclopedic knowledge, witty humor, incredible creativity, and, perhaps most importantly, godly patience with our prone-to-change-our-mind team made working on this site an exciting and joyful adventure. Thank you! I encourage you all to spend a moment exploring our new home. And feel free to give the site a shout-out to your friends. Use the hashtag #NewReKnew.
- See more at: http://reknew.org/2015/12/welcome-to-the-new-reknew/#sthash.0yYPCQq8.HTSZzRoE.dpuf

Prosthodontic Associates Prosthodontic Associates

Prosthodontic Associates

Prosthodontics is a type of dentistry related to cosmetic dentistry... they do dental implants, dentures, that sort of thing. Since they perform medical services, using a regular simple contact form was out of the question because of HIPAA rules (which protect patient information, so you can't just send them over a regular web connection). So what we did on this site was to use PGP encryption for all contact form notification emails (and disable saving them to the database) and then set the client up with a PGP decryption plugin for reading the incoming mail.

International Jacques Ellul Society International Jacques Ellul Society

International Jacques Ellul Society

The International Jacques Ellul Society connects scholars and friends who share a common interest in the legacy of philosopher and theologian Jacques Ellul (1912–94). This site 40 pages of mobile-friendly content about Jacques Ellul, his writings and his major themes.

"Thanks, Barbara, for helping us up the steep mountainside and over the summit of our web-building project. We appreciated the way you worked with our own design preferences and content. We are also glad for the ongoing partnership and support system. Again, many thanks!" -Ted L, ellul.org

Wingspan Life Wingspan Life

Wingspan Life

Wingspan Life Resources is a non-profit organization that offers residential care in group homes and in-home programs to adults with developmental disabilities. We gave them a modern site that was crisp, clean and simple, with a very clear call to action -- this in turn has resulted in an increase in much-needed donations. You can check them out at http://wingspanlife.org/.

Jumpn Gymnastics Jumpn Gymnastics

Jumpn Gymnastics

Sheila runs a successful gymnastics school called jumpngymnastics.com. "We teach gymnastics to boys and girls ages 3 to 6th grade. Our goal is that kids will learn to be fit, learn to use their muscles, and learn how to be positive in either success or failure. The main thing is for them to have fun and for them to genuinely feel good about themselves." Her business is booming and she is on the verge of opening her 4th location. It soon became clear to her that, in order to effectively handle her growth, she would have to make her business more efficient. Before contacting Wizzy Wig Design, Sheila’s business operated with many unnecessary manual procedures. Customers were still sending checks in the mail! “Young parents today do everything online,” she said. So she hired Wizzy Wig Design to redesign her website and to develop a robust and easy to use online registration and payment system (no more checks in the mail!). Sheila is thrilled. "Having everything in one spot is just really really convenient,” she says, and “parents REALLY like the online enrollment. They don't have to write a check or mail a letter, it's just very convenient.” How was working with Wizzy Wig Design? 

Sheila says she really appreciates Barbara’s design style, professionalism, and responsiveness. "Working with Barbara was a 10. She is wonderful."

VOSH Minnesota VOSH Minnesota

VOSH Minnesota

VOSH Minnesota is a nonprofit dedicated to providing vision care services for people around the world who cannot afford or do not have access to vision care. The site features automated/scheduled post updates (from "upcoming" missions to "past" missions) and customized display of past missions so that only ones with photos or sufficient content show up as clickable. You can check out this great organization at voshminnesota.org.

Access Financial Services Access Financial Services

Access Financial Services

This website was created in partnership with Kazoo Branding of Minneapolis. Much of what this site features is on the back end, unseen by the user: redundant backups, activity stream for admins to track changes, easy adding/removal of staff members, etc. You can see it at accessafs.com.

Kramers School of Music Kramers School of Music

Kramers School of Music

Ross Fishman runs a successful music school in Minnesota called Kramers Music. “We can accommodate 400-500 students,” he says, and “at any given time we could be hosting over a hundred classes.” Having so many classes leads to major design challenges. Specifically, from a customer perspective, registering for a class requires sifting through a great deal of information unrelated to the class that particular customer is inquiring about. Such a complicated mess will often turn customers off and can cost an organization valuable business opportunities. Ross sought out Wizzy Wig to help him develop a registration system that would be intuitive, clean, and easy to use. "Once I got on Wizzy Wig's website I liked the fact that you could get a price right away, by just answering a few questions,” he said. And, the estimate “was actually pretty close to what we ended up doing.” Wizzy Wig Design developed an accordion style registration system that hides irrelevant information from customers (you can play with it here: http://kramersmusic.com/registration/). Ross was thrilled with the results and, more importantly, so were his customers. "It works great. It's excellent. We receive compliments that it is easy to register, easy to navigate, and designed well. Everything is logical and flows nicely. People like the accordion because you don't have to see all of this huge list of lessons that don’t apply to you.” How was working with Wizzy Wig?

"Working with Barbara was a pleasant experience. She was always receptive to my calls. She never made me feel like I was wasting her time with my questions. This was all new to me, and sometimes it's difficult to put something graphical that is in your mind into words. She was able to make it look just the way I want and was always professional."

Sencha Tea Bar Sencha Tea Bar

Sencha Tea Bar

Formerly The Tea Garden/Steepery Tea Bar, Sencha recently underwent an ownership change and with it, a new brand -- Sencha Tea Bar. The website establishes the brand with rich images and a clean interface. The home page features a "smart map" which automatically detects where the user is currently located (based on IP) and shows you the closest Sencha location near you.

Step Physical Therapy Step Physical Therapy

Step Physical Therapy

When Step Physical Therapy first contact us, they had an old outdated website which they were embarrassed to show people. We refreshed the logo and the site (and moved to the WordPress platform). Since making this change, their SEO scores have gone way up -- and so have their sales!

“Barbara, I just wanted to let you know about how many wonderful compliments we have received about our website! Thank you for the millionth time for doing such great work, being patient with me, helping me and, in the end, improving our clinic and business! Keep up the awesome work! You rock!!” Dan http://www.steppt.com/

Access 2 Tanzania Access 2 Tanzania

Access 2 Tanzania

Karen and Brian run a successful business called Access 2 Tanzania. After living in Tanzania for 2 years, Brian Singer now helps people go on the adventure of a lifetime with the help of his wonderful guides and all of his local connections there. Their travel services have always been amazing. Their website has not always been amazing. After working with Wizzy Wig on a non-profit site (www.projectzwadi.com), Brian and Karen were so impressed with “how well and how efficient Barbara was with her process” that they hired her to help them with their travel site (www.access2tanzania.com) and sister site treks2rwanda.com. They wanted their new site to serve their business better. Specifically, they wanted the site to:

  • Have an automated lead capture tool (the safari inquiry form) that would also include "a repository of past client inquiries." We asked Karen “What did you have before this system?” She laughed: "we had nothing. Just us.” The new system has become "the lifeblood of what we do. The ability to have the form work well, and be able to feed it into the new management system is fantastic. And it is just very user friendly." Before the remodel they were manually dealing with leads, off of email, slips of paper, and hand written inquiries sent to them in the US mail. "The only manual capture we do now is the occasional person who sends a letter."
  • A place on the site to learn about their elite travel guides. "We developed this area on the site for the guides to share their testimonials. Part of what we value in our business, a special part of how we function, is having a discrete, high quality team of safari guides who we consider our extended family. They’re just truly great people."
  • A place for returning guests to share testimonials, which Karen says has been “a great way the site showcases our business.” She adds: “We are now able to feature our guides and have their returning guests give their testimonials, and have those testimonials automatically populate live on our site.”
  • Interactive Map of Places to Go to in Tanzania. “Now that we are building our second site, as an expansion to our travel business, to Rwanda, that interactive map will showcase our expansion—it highlights where we are actively working and growing."
  • They wanted all these features and “a much more streamlined aesthetic. Something that was easily edited and just more functional from the standpoint of editing.”
How was working with Wizzy Wig Design?
"The redesign has been a great relief to the business. It's hard for me because I am not super, super high tech, but Barbara was able to work with us and was always extremely responsive and helpful. The personalized service and care is what we were seeking, has been wonderful and we truly appreciate that.”
She concludes that she is especially thankful that “the site doesn't crash. No glitches! Any issues we had have been minor and were rectified immediately." Access 2 Tanzania specializes in organizing safe and personalized tours of Tanzania, including wildlife viewing safaris. This site has a neat "Places 2 Go" feature with an interactive map of Tanzania, which shows all of the things people can see in each region. It also has a sophisticated safari feedback form (after people return) which automatically converts certain fields into testimonials for the guides and company in general. This company works closely with a non-profit that they are affiliated with, ProjectZawadi.org.

Play Tap Go Play Tap Go

Play Tap Go

Play Tap Go teaches music lessons for young children. They are unique in that rather than having a single brick-and-mortar location, they travel to daycares. This allows them to teach kids all around the metro area. The site features a class registration system. You can see their site at http://playtapgo.com.

BVocal BVocal


BVocal came to me with a very outdated site -- we brought it up to date, and greatly expanded it. The site now features an integrated class registration system, an appointment-scheduler, audio and video samples.

Cyndi Dale Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale

Cyndi Dale is a well-known teacher, author and spiritual counselor with a following around the country. Her site has a online store with a large selection of her books, audio programs, videos, as well as the ability to sign up for one-on-one coaching. You can see her site at http://cyndidale.com/.

Perc-Works Perc-Works


This is an e-commerce site (the client sells custom-made percussion mallets) running WooCommerce.