Kramers School of Music

Ross Fishman runs a successful music school in Minnesota called Kramers Music. “We can accommodate 400-500 students,” he says, and “at any given time we could be hosting over a hundred classes.”

Having so many classes leads to major design challenges. Specifically, from a customer perspective, registering for a class requires sifting through a great deal of information unrelated to the class that particular customer is inquiring about. Such a complicated mess will often turn customers off and can cost an organization valuable business opportunities.

Ross sought out Wizzy Wig to help him develop a registration system that would be intuitive, clean, and easy to use. “Once I got on Wizzy Wig’s website I liked the fact that you could get a price right away, by just answering a few questions,” he said. And, the estimate “was actually pretty close to what we ended up doing.”

Wizzy Wig Design developed an accordion style registration system that hides irrelevant information from customers (you can play with it here: Ross was thrilled with the results and, more importantly, so were his customers. “It works great. It’s excellent. We receive compliments that it is easy to register, easy to navigate, and designed well. Everything is logical and flows nicely. People like the accordion because you don’t have to see all of this huge list of lessons that don’t apply to you.”

How was working with Wizzy Wig?

“Working with Barbara was a pleasant experience. She was always receptive to my calls. She never made me feel like I was wasting her time with my questions. This was all new to me, and sometimes it’s difficult to put something graphical that is in your mind into words. She was able to make it look just the way I want and was always professional.”