Website In A Day

The fastest, most inexpensive way to get a new website up and running with the least amount of hassle!

Sheila E.

Owner, Jumpn Gymnastics

“I appreciated Barbara’s design style, professionalism, and responsiveness. Working with Barbara was a 10. She is wonderful.”


  • Simple theme, customized with your logo and colors
  • Up to 5 pages (such as About, Services, etc)
  • Domain and hosting setup (if not already done)
  • Blog
  • Social Media links
  • Contact form
  • Hands-on instruction on how to log in and use/edit your new website

Ability to add your special content or functionality as time allows:

  • Links to files like Audio Clips (.wav, .mp3, etc.), resumé or Word documents
  • Embedded YouTube or Vimeo video clips (.mov, .mp4, etc.)
  • Photo gallery
  • Embedded video and audio (Youtube, SoundCloud, etc.)

How do you keep it so cheap?

I guarantee you a functioning website in three hours, which will include standard website/blog functionality and a customized, simple design. To accomplish this, I will get the final say over what is or is not possible during our work session based on how much time a given request might take (though you will absolutely have input while we work). The site will be simple and straightforward, sufficient to get the job done without a lot of unnecessary frills.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with what we build — we love adding more customization and functionality! This would just require additional paid hours (either in-person or remote). If you need more than 6 hours total I’d suggest just upgrading to a “Professional” or “Organizational” website.

How it works:

1) Domain:

If you don't already own your domain, you should buy it immediately. I will be needing you to provide me with login credentials to your domain registrar.

2) Do some homework:

I have a form I like for people to fill out which helps establish what we will be building, and what design you're after. You can fill out the homework here: homework/

3) Prepare and share your content:

You can see some tips on how to prepare and share your content here.

4) Your work session:

One to two days before we meet, I will put your live site into "coming soon" mode, and then install the base software like theme and plugins. I'll create a placeholder theme design and page layout to get us started, and drop in your content. Then we will do a live work session to collaboratively tweak the site in real time to get it looking how you want. The live session usually takes around an hour or an hour and a half.

You'll use this link to schedule our live work session:

5) Go live!

At the end of this work session, we'll take your site out of coming soon mode and your new site will be live! If you need additional time to make it exactly the way you want, we can do that either during/after the scheduled work session, or separately as needed after the site is live, and it's billed at $80 per hour.

Package Deal: Host with us and get your website for only $200!

Includes everything you need to protect your new website: hosting, regular backups, regular software updates, hardening for security, and a dedicated webmaster (me!) available for technical support.

Get your new website and your first year of website support for $800 total. You can learn more about our Maintenance Plan here.

Dan K.

Step Physical Therapy

"Barbara, I just wanted to let you know about how many wonderful compliments we have received about our website! Thank you for the millionth time for doing such great work, being patient with me, helping me and, in the end, improving our clinic and business!”