Website in a day

How it works:

3 Hours = 1 New Website

We’ll sit down together for a 1-on-1 meeting for three hours and at the end of that time, you walk away with a fully functioning website. When we get together, you’ll have all of your content (ie, the words and pictures that go on the website) ready to go. I’ll do the rest (creating the site, taking care of hooking it up to a domain, etc) and at the end, you now have a lovely new website that is all yours.

Sheila E.

Owner, Jumpn Gymnastics

“I appreciated Barbara’s design style, professionalism, and responsiveness. Working with Barbara was a 10. She is wonderful.”


  • Simple custom theme using our Custom Rapid Design Process
  • Up to 5 pages (such as About, Services, etc)
  • Domain and hosting setup (if not already done)
  • Blog
  • Social Media links
  • Photo on every page
  • Contact form
  • Hands-on instruction on how to log in and use/edit your new website

Ability to add your special content or functionality as time allows:

  • Links to files like Audio Clips (.wav, .mp3, etc.), resumé or Word documents
  • Embedded YouTube or Vimeo video clips (.mov, .mp4, etc.)
  • Photo gallery
  • Embedded video and audio (Youtube, SoundCloud, etc.)

How do you keep it so cheap?

I guarantee you a functioning website in three hours, which will include standard website/blog functionality and a customized, simple design. To accomplish this, I will get the final say over what is or is not possible during our work session based on how much time a given request might take (though you will absolutely have input while we work). The site will be simple and straightforward, sufficient to get the job done without a lot of unnecessary frills.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with what we build — we love adding more customization and functionality! This would just require additional paid hours (either in-person or remote). If you need more than 6 hours total I’d suggest just upgrading to a “Professional” or “Organizational” website.

Package Deal: Host with us and get your website for only $200!

Includes everything you need to protect your new website: hosting, regular backups, regular software updates, hardening for security, and a dedicated webmaster (me!) available for technical support.

Get your new website and your first year of website support for $800 total. You can learn more about our Maintenance Plan here.

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Website In a Day Plus Ongoing Maintenance

We will create your new website AND continue to maintain it, which includes everything you need to keep your website healthy and happy: Ongoing software updates, daily backups, technical support, free repairs and free small tweaks as needed. If you do not already have your own web hosting account, we will also host your site for you on our servers. (learn more here)

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Website in a Day - Website Only

If you already have your own web host, we are happy to create your website there. This option does NOT include any ongoing support or maintenance so you would be on your own to perform all required maintenance like backups, updates and repairs if anything breaks due to an update.

If you don't feel comfortable with these technical tasks I strongly recommend choosing the "Website In A Day Plus Maintenance" option since you will then get ongoing maintenance included for a lower price. 

  • Price: $500.00
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Dan K.

Step Physical Therapy

"Barbara, I just wanted to let you know about how many wonderful compliments we have received about our website! Thank you for the millionth time for doing such great work, being patient with me, helping me and, in the end, improving our clinic and business!”