Thank you for giving Wizzy Wig Design the opportunity to propose the development of your website!

I started this company in 2003 with one purpose: to provide agency-quality websites for small-business budgets. Our specialty is creating visually appealing, mobile-friendly, creative interfaces that engage the user with eye-catching graphics, then guide them through your content with efficient, easy-to-use calls to action. We create Search Engine friendly, standards & accessibility-compliant websites using the most up-to-date software and coding practices. We bring 20+ years of expertise to the table so we can be as technical as necessary, while always remaining very down-to-earth and approachable.

I’m passionate about WordPress and am active in the Minneapolis WordPress community. I have been creating websites since the mid-1990s, and have done sites for a wide variety of companies ranging from small startups all the way to Best Buy corporate. A list of some of the recent sites that we have done (including screenshots and links) can be found at

I am confident that our proposal will be competitive with (or lower than) other local WordPress developers AND that the site we deliver will be a professional, properly-executed site that is easy for you to use and maintain, while converting visitors into leads.

How the process works:

1) Agreement on project scope and budget: If I have sent you a formal quote, you should let us know if you have any items you would like to modify. Once we agree on the project scope and budget, I require a deposit of 1/3 to add you to the calendar. You can pay that here or using the invoice link, if I sent you one that way.

As soon as your deposit arrives I'll send you a receipt showing your credit balance in my invoicing app for your records. Once the site is complete, you are welcome to pay the rest in one chunk or spread it over two months.

After the deposit is paid, if you have not already done so, the next thing to do is to fill out your homework.


2) Information gathering: We will collaborate with you to discuss your vision of the site and its intended function. This phase includes homework and discussions about the way your website should fit into your business/organization, how much a lead is worth to your organization, what it should look like and any tasks you want the site to automate, etc. Timeframe for this phase: ~1 week.


3) Design (optional): If you have opted to have us do an In-Depth Custom Design Process, we will present mockups of a proposed website design, of what the site could look like. You then get to make up to 2 rounds of changes. Timeframe for this phase: ~1-3 weeks, depending on your changes. More on our design process. During this time, you should be working on writing all of your content. See below for how to send content


4) Development: To begin development, we require you to provide all site content to us in a form that is ready for us to drop in. We will then work on adding/styling your pages and developing the site's functionality. We will work from a staging server so that we can work on the new website without touching your current site (if you have one). Timeframe for this phase: 3-6 weeks (depending on complexity of the site).


5) Changes: Once we have all your content and functionality working, we will send you a link so you can review what the site looks like so far. You will then get to make up to 2 rounds of changes to the site content or functionality. The way this works is similar to the in-depth custom design process described above. You will provide a list of changes to each page, and we will incorporate those changes. We will then let you know to look at the site again, and you can then make another list of changes. Usually this requires two rounds of back and forth but we'll keep going until it's right (note however that more changes than were budgeted for in your quote might be billable. I will let you know ahead of time if that happens). Timeframe for this phase: 1-2 weeks, depending on number and complexity of changes.


6) Launch: Once everything is the way you want, we will deploy the site to your server! At this point you are live!! Now we'll button it down and optimize it for security and performance.


7) Training: Once your website is launched, we will meet with you (either in person if you are in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, or via screen-share) to teach you how to log into the admin area of your website and make changes to your content.


8) SEO (optional): Once your site is live, if you have opted to have us do this, we will connect the site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can get the site indexed as quickly as possible, and keep track of your site's traffic. We will also install an SEO plugin to help you with your content strategy. Note that we don't do full Search Engine Optimization at WizzyWig since that is a specialty in itself (and usually costs more than the website did) but all WordPress websites are SEO-ready, meaning that they are already structured in such a way that search engines have an easy time reading and understanding them. We can also provide you with some tips on writing/structuring content to have the best results possible.


9) Maintenance (optional, but assumed): Our intent is for every site we build to be the beginning of a long-term relationship with us as your webmaster, available for questions and support whenever you need. Every site we build becomes our baby, and nobody knows how to keep it running well better than us!

So as a way of guaranteeing our work, and to help keep your new website running as smoothly as it did the day it launched, we offer low-cost maintenance plans for our clients. These include performance of regular WordPress software updates, as well as any required site/theme maintenance needed to keep things working and stay current and secure. We will also perform extra optimization to your site for security and performance, and do regular cloud-based data backups to protect you from disaster.

This service is billed separately once per year. After launch, you can sign up for maintenance here.



How to Send Your Content

  • Pages:

    Save each page of the site in its own document -- Word doc, Google doc if using Google (see below) or even plain text is fine -- where the title of the document is the title of the page. For sites with sections containing multiple sub-pages, please place the sub-pages into folders so that I know which page goes in which section. Only send final content. Do not send until you are 100% finished editing (since otherwise we might have to re-do placement and styling which is billable)

  • Images:

    You must send me any/all images that you want on each page. You can embed images and links right in the Word document with the page text, or you can reference images by file name and send the images separately.
    Note: All images must be a minimum of 500 pixels wide on the shortest side, and preferably they should be 1800 pixels wide. (if you're not sure, using your computer you should be able to "get info" on the file to see the dimensions)

  • Videos:

    Any videos that you want to appear on the site must be uploaded to YouTube first. Make a note of the URL once it's uploaded, then in the Word document with the content for this page, paste the video URL.

  • Formatting:

    Don't spend a lot of time on formatting, since I usually redo all the formatting when placing it.

  • Special Instructions:

    Please specify any special instructions for me in the page content documents (such as where a button should link to, or other instructions). Make all instructions a different color such as red so that it does not get mistaken for content.

  • Delivery of Files:

    Deliver content in one of two ways. Either:
    A) Create a project folder on DropBox which contains all the pages and images and share it with
    B) Create a shared folder on Google Drive which contains everything and share it with (note the different email address.)

  • Shoot for a "Minimum Viable Product":

    Don't get hung up on making it perfect. Content is not set in stone; you can always go in and edit it after we launch. We just need to get something up.

    Organizing and writing content is the hardest and most time-consuming part of a web project for people. If you get stuck or don’t have time to give this task the attention it deserves, I can refer you to a content writer that can do this for you to keep the project moving forward.