Got a Big Idea that doesn't fit neatly into a box or is hard to describe? We have developed a workflow just for this purpose:

The Personalized Project Blueprint

How it works:

We Meet

We meet in person (or by online meeting), where we will ask lots of questions and get a thorough understanding of how the project should work.

You can expect this meeting to take between 1-2 hours.

(Hold Music)

Please give us up to 10 business days to work...

Presentation & Delivery

We will meet again to present an interactive mockup of your website, showing each main type of page and its functionality.

You will walk away with: 

  1. A link to the online interactive mockup as well as
  2. A PDF file to keep, which details each page so that you can review your mockups on your own, and share with investors, decision makers and even other developers.
  3. A concrete visualization and understanding of your project, and the ability to easily communicate it to others.

Along with this, we will also provide you with a quote of what it should cost (if you go with our company) to build out your site according to the specifications outlined in the mockups.


The cost for your Personalized Project Blueprint is $400.

To give you ultimate flexibility, we will focus on your project blueprint completely separately from the graphic design and the actual build (each of which are billable by themselves).