WordPress Website Maintenance


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When we develop a website, it becomes like our baby. We want your site to always work perfectly for you... and nobody knows the inner workings of your site better than your developer!

  • Super Speed

    Speed up your website by hosting on our premium servers with performance optimization*

  • Twice-monthly software updates

    We go in 2-3 times per month, update all software and test everything to keep everything humming along like new.

  • Free Repairs

    Sometimes when you update software, things can break. If this happens from an update, we will fix it for free.

  • Free Tech Support

    Got questions? We won't ever nickel and dime you just for asking a question. Email and phone support are included.

  • Reduced Hourly Rate

    Any work you ask us to do which is billable is charged at a reduced hourly rate (20% discount).

  • Monthly Report

    Each month you will receive a report letting you know the recent updates that we made to your website.

  • Performance & Security Optimization

    We will do some extra work in the back end to make sure your site is as fast as possible and hardened for security.

  • Daily Backups

    Every day we will create a full backup of your website and store it on the cloud, to protect (or recover) from potential disaster.

  • Free Small Tweaks

    Things will come up that you want to change, and you have better things to do than figure out how to do it, that's what we're here for. You get one free hour of work per year split up however you want (5 minutes a month, 30 minutes twice a year, etc).

  • Use of my premium software licenses

    Some of the software I use to build sites requires a paid license. When I maintain your site, I will use my developer's license for most of this, instead of having you buy your own. (on a typical site, this saves you $457 per year!)

*Hosting with us is optional. You can choose to stay on your own host if you prefer.
Only offered for sites that were built by Wizzy Wig Web Design, and only at our discretion. For complex sites that require a lot of server resources we may recommend you host elsewhere.


Paid Once a Year

$60/month if you prefer to pay every month