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When we develop a website, it becomes like our baby. We want your site to always work perfectly for you... and nobody knows the inner workings of your site better than your developer!

  • Super Speed

    Speed up your website by (optionally*) hosting on our server which is fast and stable

  • Monthly software updates

    We go in 1-2 times per month, update all the software that powers your site and test everything to keep everything humming along like new.

  • Free Repairs/Quick Fixes

    Sometimes when you update software, things can break. If this happens from an update on a site that we built, we will fix it for free, provided it does not take more than 15-20 minutes.†  If we did not build your site, all work is billable, but at a reduced hourly rate.

  • Free Tech Support

    Got questions? We won't ever nickel and dime you just for asking a question. Email and phone support taking up to 5-10 minutes per month is included.

  • Reduced Hourly Rate

    Any billable work is charged at a reduced hourly rate (20% discount). 
    2023 rates: Regular $140/hr Reduced: $110/hr.

  • Performance & Security Optimization

    When possible, we will do some extra work in the back end to make sure your site loads fast and is hardened for security.

  • Monthly Report

    Each month you will receive a report letting you know the recent updates that we made to your website.

  • Daily Backups

    Every day we will create a full backup of your website and store it on the cloud, to protect (or recover) from potential disaster.

  • Free Small Tweaks

    Sometimes you might just want us to go in and make a quick addition/adjustment. Anything ~5 minutes or less per month is free. (and you get your reduced hourly rate for anything beyond that)

  • Use of my premium software licenses

    Some of the software we use to build sites requires a paid license. When I maintain your site, I will use my developer's license for most of this, instead of having you buy your own. (on a typical site, this saves you $457 per year!)

* Hosting with us is optional; you can choose to stay on your own host if you prefer. This is intended for lower-traffic, simpler sites-- for high-traffic or complex sites that require a lot of server resources (such as e-commerce) we may recommend you host elsewhere and can recommend a few excellent quality hosts.
Only offered for sites that were built by us, and only at our discretion. Some repairs that take a longer time to diagnose and fix will still be billable but we will get your approval before we start work.

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Paid Once a Year

$72/month if you prefer to pay every month