Infrequent Flyers Club

If you have someone on your team that knows their way around WordPress, but you just need access to my software licenses and occasional help, then this is for you.

This grants you access to our premium developers licenses for the paid theme and plugins used to build your site, plus you also get our reduced billing rate for any and all billable services. This way you can do most of the maintenance yourself and just call us in once in a while to help with the big stuff when it comes up.

  • Use of my premium software licenses

    Some of the software I use to build sites requires a paid license. The Infrequent Flyers Club allows you to still use my developer's licenses, instead of having you buy your own. (on a typical site, this saves you $457 per year!)

  • Reduced Hourly Rate

    Sometimes things break or you go beyond what you know how to do yourself, and it is nice to have a pro on hand to jump in to help out. Nobody knows your website like the person that built it, so for Infrequent Flyers, we offer this low cost plan to keep us on speed dial whenever you need us! Any work you ask us to do is billable, but is charged at a reduced hourly rate (20% discount).

$129 per year

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