Jumpn Gymnastics

Sheila runs a successful gymnastics school called jumpngymnastics.com. “We teach gymnastics to boys and girls ages 3 to 6th grade. Our goal is that kids will learn to be fit, learn to use their muscles, and learn how to be positive in either success or failure. The main thing is for them to have fun and for them to genuinely feel good about themselves.”

Her business is booming and she is on the verge of opening her 4th location. It soon became clear to her that, in order to effectively handle her growth, she would have to make her business more efficient. Before contacting Wizzy Wig Design, Sheila’s business operated with many unnecessary manual procedures. Customers were still sending checks in the mail!

“Young parents today do everything online,” she said. So she hired Wizzy Wig Design to redesign her website and to develop a robust and easy to use online registration and payment system (no more checks in the mail!).

Sheila is thrilled. “Having everything in one spot is just really really convenient,” she says, and “parents REALLY like the online enrollment. They don’t have to write a check or mail a letter, it’s just very convenient.”

How was working with Wizzy Wig Design? 

Sheila says she really appreciates Barbara’s design style, professionalism, and responsiveness. “Working with Barbara was a 10. She is wonderful.”