Access 2 Tanzania

Karen and Brian run a successful business called Access 2 Tanzania. After living in Tanzania for 2 years, Brian Singer now helps people go on the adventure of a lifetime with the help of his wonderful guides and all of his local connections there.

Their travel services have always been amazing. Their website has not always been amazing.

After working with Wizzy Wig on a non-profit site (, Brian and Karen were so impressed with “how well and how efficient Barbara was with her process” that they hired her to help them with their travel site ( and sister site

They wanted their new site to serve their business better. Specifically, they wanted the site to:

  • Have an automated lead capture tool (the safari inquiry form) that would also include “a repository of past client inquiries.” We asked Karen “What did you have before this system?” She laughed: “we had nothing. Just us.” The new system has become “the lifeblood of what we do. The ability to have the form work well, and be able to feed it into the new management system is fantastic. And it is just very user friendly.” Before the remodel they were manually dealing with leads, off of email, slips of paper, and hand written inquiries sent to them in the US mail. “The only manual capture we do now is the occasional person who sends a letter.”
  • A place on the site to learn about their elite travel guides. “We developed this area on the site for the guides to share their testimonials. Part of what we value in our business, a special part of how we function, is having a discrete, high quality team of safari guides who we consider our extended family. They’re just truly great people.”
  • A place for returning guests to share testimonials, which Karen says has been “a great way the site showcases our business.” She adds: “We are now able to feature our guides and have their returning guests give their testimonials, and have those testimonials automatically populate live on our site.”
  • Interactive Map of Places to Go to in Tanzania. “Now that we are building our second site, as an expansion to our travel business, to Rwanda, that interactive map will showcase our expansion—it highlights where we are actively working and growing.”
  • They wanted all these features and “a much more streamlined aesthetic. Something that was easily edited and just more functional from the standpoint of editing.”

How was working with Wizzy Wig Design?

“The redesign has been a great relief to the business. It’s hard for me because I am not super, super high tech, but Barbara was able to work with us and was always extremely responsive and helpful. The personalized service and care is what we were seeking, has been wonderful and we truly appreciate that.”

She concludes that she is especially thankful that “the site doesn’t crash. No glitches! Any issues we had have been minor and were rectified immediately.”

Access 2 Tanzania specializes in organizing safe and personalized tours of Tanzania, including wildlife viewing safaris. This site has a neat “Places 2 Go” feature with an interactive map of Tanzania, which shows all of the things people can see in each region. It also has a sophisticated safari feedback form (after people return) which automatically converts certain fields into testimonials for the guides and company in general. This company works closely with a non-profit that they are affiliated with,