Who We Are

Our Mission:

This company was started 7 years ago with one purpose: to provide agency-quality design for small-business budgets. Our specialty is creative interfaces that engage the user with eye-catching graphics and efficient, easy-to-use functionality.

We create search engine-friendly, standards and accessibility-compliant websites using the most up-to-date software and coding practices. We bring 18+ years of expertise to the table so we can be as technical as necessary, while always remaining down-to-earth and approachable.

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Barbara: Owner and Senior Designer/Developer

Your main point of contact is Barbara, Wizzy Wig's founder and primary developer/designer. I have been doing web design and graphic design since the mid-1990s, when I got my BFA in graphic design (emphasis on computer animation and interactive media). I started my career working for agencies doing web and multimedia, then in 2003 I started my own business. I have been developing exclusively on the WordPress platform since 2010. I specialize in creating WordPress websites running custom-coded themes and functionality, designed and coded to the client’s exact specifications.  I am passionate about Wordpress development, and I also excel at making this process an enjoyable and collaborative one for you. I value communication above all else, so that your needs will be heard.

Pavel is our hard-core PHP and JavaScript specialist. He helps with some of the hairier back-end work required, and creates custom functionality limited only by the imagination.

Dan is our social media consultant (full disclosure: he is also Barbara's husband :)). He is a published writer, teacher and entrepreneur who excels at "big picture" strategies for the best way to present your company and content. He can also help you to leverage social media to grow your user base. You will meet him when we do SEO for your new site.

Finally, Eileen helps out with lots of day-to-day tasks like site maintenance and updates. Because of her friendly personality and ability to sort through and make sense of piles of data, she will occasionally join me in working with clients to handle everyday issues and organize and place content.