Our Design Process

Our proven design process makes this important aspect of your website the easiest part of the process.

We approach sites with a content-first mindset, which means that when we first start a project, we begin with the content -- the "words" that should go on the site. To do this, we work with you to establish a clear understanding of what pages you want to be on the site, and what will be on each page.

After we have this down, we will present you with a "wireframe" layout of your content, to show you roughly how it will be laid out on each page. You will have complete say, so that we can always be sure you are liking what you see.

Once that is established, the rest is simply a matter of filling in the specifics of the site -- colors, fonts, images, etc. You will always have say over these specifics too, so that you are always sure you are getting what you want.

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