Our Rates

Our target client is the small business and non-profit that has a modest budget (but a budget nonetheless).  At $100 per hour, we charge slightly more than straight-out-of-college freelancers, and vastly less than agencies.

In addition, we aim to get this job done for the most reasonable cost possible without wasting your valuable money on non-essentials. (Focus groups are great but they cost a fortune.) We think you know your business better than we do. So you stay in complete control of your project and your budget.

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Estimates will be provided based on your exact needs before we begin work, but here are some typical rates:


Quick-n-Dirty Website-In-A-Day $500
Basic Website (customized but simple) $1850 and up
Fully Custom Small Business Website (our specialty!) $3500 and up

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Postcards, Business Cards, Logos

4×6 Postcard Design: $400 – $600
Business Card: $300-$500
Logo Design: $500 – $1000

Staying Current while Cutting Costs:

Wizzy Wig Design is focused on bringing in advanced functionality to web sites using cutting-edge technologies that already exist, rather than writing everything ourselves from scratch. This allows us to make use of the code that gets the job done without reinventing the wheel.

What this means for you is that you will retain full ownership of your site and save money on development.

Accurate estimates really depend on content
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