Web Design for the small business

If you’re a small business, you have pretty much two choices when it comes to web sites and marketing: 1) Hire an expensive agency, or 2) Find a freelancer.
Agencies charge 10x more than you can afford, and freelancer may not do it right or complete the job at all!

This is the mission of Wizzy Wig Design: to make high-end websites and high quality design accessible to the small business.

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full-circle-matching for charity

Make a Difference with Full-Circle Matching for Charity

When you donate money to charity and have Wizzy Wig develop your website, we will discount your invoice.

How it works:

1) Donate an amount of your choosing to a wildlife-conservation or third-world humanitarian charity.
2) Present your official* receipt for your donation, and you will receive a credit for half that amount on your invoice. OR get a credit for 100% of your donation when you give to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust below!

Applicable on projects totaling $500 or more. Invoice credits can be given up to 30 days after a project has completed. "Official" means whatever you would give to your accountant to claim a deduction for charitable giving

Special: We will MATCH 100% of your gift to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This wonderful organization rescues and raises infant elephants which have been orphaned by poaching due to Africa (and China)'s bloody ivory trade. They also have numerous programs to fight poaching directly on the ground. And as if that wasn't enough, their facebook page is filled with photos and videos of baby elephants with blankies on their backs. :)

Please consider giving to this valuable organization even if you choose not to pursue a website with Wizzy Wig Design. For more information, see http://iworry.org/

We also give discounts to non-profit organizations.

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