Como Park Lutheran

We have had the pleasure of working with Barbara at Wizzy Wig Design for a few years now and she has continually been a joy. She has always responded to our requests for help in a timely manner and she has kept our website up to date — which hasn’t always been easy. When we started with her, she had to struggle through a website that wasn’t her design (sorry Barbara!) but we recently let her modify our website so it is now easier for everyone to use — especially her. She has done a beautiful job. Not only is our website now mobile friendly and more attractive, it just makes more sense. I wish we had found Barbara before we ever started this website stuff so our website would have been right right from the start! Barbara has been a wonderful addition to our team and we are blessed to be able to use her skills to enhance our mission of reaching out in Christ to a changing world.

Please check out our website: