The Difference

Why Work With Wizzy Wig? We can sum it up like this:

Why Wizzy Wig is great for small business

Here are a few things you will need to look for when hiring any designer:

1) Fairness in pricing

Wizzy Wig does not have leather couches in our lobby (actually, we don't even have a lobby). So we do not pass those overhead costs to you.

Many web development places out there charge as much as $15,000 for a simple WordPress site. We know what it is like to run a business on a budget. My mission in starting this company was to make high quality, sophisticated web sites available to the small business.

2) Proven Quality of Work

If you have a small budget for your project, most agencies will assign your project to their intern, while still charging you full agency rates. With a freelancer, quality can be hit or miss. When you work with Wizzy Wig, you are dealing with seasoned professionals who have the portfolio to prove it.

It's also good to know where your web developer falls in the spectrum of artistic vs programming skills. Some developers are coding geniuses -- they can program almost anything. Others are strong designers, where it will look pretty but will not be as functionally robust, or sometimes won't even be coded correctly at all.

This is the advantage to having a team. Barbara, the owner and senior developer at Wizzy Wig, would be placed somewhere right in the middle, Jake is a coding genius, and Lindsay and Shannon are the artists. This way everyone gets to do what they love.

3) Years in business, and ability to provide ongoing support

This is one of the most common concerns about working with a freelancer: they are only a freelancer because they are transient and currently looking for a "real" job! This means that in 6 months or 2 years, they may not be available to provide ongoing support, or they will take forever to make your changes because they only do this on the side.

The founder of Wizzy Wig has been in business independently since 2003 and plans to stay that way for a long, long time.  We have many colleagues in the business and we can guarantee you that no matter what, you will never be dropped or left with unanswered support needs.

4) Beautiful web sites that are coded correctly!

When we create a web site, we create our own custom Wordpress themes, instead of trying to customize a third party theme. When you try to customize a third party theme, you can only change as much as the theme authors designed it to allow you to change. (so for example if the client wants an newsletter opt in to appear just below their header, if the theme doesn't have that built in, then it's very difficult to do).

Writing a custom WordPress theme gives us complete control over every little thing -- the appearance and functionality of the site, etc -- and in most cases, it takes less time than trying to customize a third party theme.