Social Media Marketing

Social Media is evolving fast. New platforms are emerging every day, opening up new possibilities for connecting with your customers in a wide variety of ways.

Our socially-savvy colleague, Dan Kent, is a social media expert, and specializes in using it to pique new interest in your business, and build loyalty with existing customers. This is a process of targeting the exact right audience, sharing interesting "shareable" content, interacting with followers, and carefully analyzing the results and tweaking the approach in order to get the most bang for your buck.

We will develop & maintain a profitable social media presence that serves your clients and converts new prospects.

  • Set Up Your Page

    We'll set up your Facebook and Twitter pages

  • Post On Your Behalf

    Regular posts keep more eyes on your content. We will post on your behalf, either full articles or photocards with highlights of your best content.

  • Interact With Your Followers

    Respond to your followers questions and comments on your behalf. Think of this as a digital customer service representative.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Paid Facebook and Twitter ads to bring more sets of eyes to your website

Actual snapshots of social media engagement metrics


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