Scheduling WooCommerce sale dates

I was surprised by how hard it was to find this seemingly fundamental piece of information: when you schedule a product to be on sale to and from specified dates, does the sale go THROUGH the last day listed, or UP UNTIL the last day listed? I submitted a ticket and even he had to look it up.

So in case anyone wants to know: The answer is UP UNTIL. As soon as the local WordPress day/time hits 12:00am on whatever the last day is, the prices go back up.

So for example if you have early bird tickets that are on sale through the end of the day on March 30 (meaning that starting on March 31 the tickets go up to full price), then you would enter in March 31 as the end date of the sale.

Seems simple enough now that I see it printed but this was not clear in the documentation and surprisingly nobody else seemed to be asking either. Maybe I’m the only one that didn’t get it. 🙂


This appears not to have been accurate information. In actual practice, it seems that the sale dates are good THROUGH the end date, not up until.