Organizational Package

For medium to large sized organizations and nonprofits. Your website has sophisticated functionality and a large amount of content.


Price determined by functionality and content

Some examples of features that are in this package:

Custom In-Depth Website Design Process

During this process we will spend extra time being intentional about your website’s design and layout of elements on the pages. We’ll show you detailed high-quality design mockups of what your website will look like, which take into account your primary call to action, and then we’ll iterate back and forth with changes based on…

Custom post types, like a staff directory

Custom post types are useful for websites with lots of data that you don’t want to clutter your blog or pages with. Each can have multiple custom fields, an image, and you can have as many as you need. An example of something where you might want this would be a staff directory for a…

Unlimited pages

As many pages of content your organization needs. Includes special landing pages for your most important calls to action and custom content types.


For websites with a large number of pages or complex page structure – make it easy and attractive for users to find what they are looking for.


Sell products online and let users pay securely with their credit card.

Search & filter large amounts of data

For example, something where you want to let users search/filter through many results such as job postings based on certain criteria


Included free with all WordPress websites

Long Form

Like an online application form

Call to Action

Guide your users to the actions you want them to take while on your site

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