Maintenance Packages

When we develop a website, it becomes like our baby. We want your site to always work perfectly for you and nobody knows the inner workings of your site better than your developer!

For our valued website clients only, we offer 4 low-priced packages for keeping things working smoothly. Choose the one that best fits your needs:

WordPress site maintenance: Includes all of the following:

  • Performance of regular (approximately twice per month) WordPress software and plugin updates
  • Free repairs if anything ever breaks due to an update.
  • Extra optimization to your site for security and performance
  • Configure regular off-site data backups, to protect you (and recover) from potential disaster.
  • Technical support for website or hosting questions.
  • Special lower hourly rate for any billable work, including no charge for tasks taking less than 5 minutes.

Maintenance plus Hosting: We will host your site on our server. Includes everything in the maintenance plan plus fast, reliable hosting with a premium web host (we use WiredTree VPS).

Hosting with SSL: Best for any site that accepts payments online. This is identical to the Maintenance plus Hosting but it includes an SSL certificate and the ability to let your users pay with a credit card without leaving your site.

Everything (with Content updates): Ideal for anyone who would rather delegate all the web-related stuff to an expert. Includes maintenance, hosting (optional), plus an additional ~30 minutes a month for any kind of content-related tasks (generally enough for a blog post every week). Just email us your updates and we’ll take care of the rest.

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